Privacy Policy

Updated as on – 25th February 2023

Hello Everyone & Our Dear Consumers!

A hearty welcome to Crystal Clear Pro’s Privacy Policy compiled with utmost care to serve our consumers with high standards of integrity. It is an open compilation of how an individual customer’s Personal Identifiable Information – PII is used on the online or digital platforms with utmost secure systems in place.

Consumers are encouraged to take time to read our privacy policy carefully to comprehend the message on our Modus-Operandi of collecting consumer information and how we ensure that their PII is protected.

Crystal Clear Pro and its affiliates collectively known as “We” or “Us” are professionally engaged in offering Tech-based, Online Oriented Solutions through a web-based online portal that expedites connections between customers who seek specific services and businesses or professionals who offers such services amicably.

The purpose of this policy to enumerate the practices of Crystal Clear Pro in relation to its collection of data, usage of data, processing of data, storage of data and disclosure of personal data that every single entity or person have consented to share with us at the time of accessing or interacting with our organization’s website or our mobile application in all versions mentioned as “Crystal Clear Pro” all in all known as the “Platform” or Services or Products offered by “Crystal Clear Pro” through the platform also known as “On-Demand Services”. This policy clearly states that any services offered to you through the platform by our service professionals partnered with us is referred to as “Professional Services” or “On-Demand Services”.

Crystal Clear Pro stands committed to protecting every entity’s personal data and respects your privacy. Our policy explains clearly what we do with the data we collect from you, it elaborates that the data­­­ collected from you is used only for professional service offering purposes connected with Crystal Clear Pro and its partners. The entire process is explained in brief as you read through below.

Reading this policy in conformity with the Terms and conditions available at is advisable, unless and otherwise specifically mentioned the capitalized terms shall carry the same meaning throughout the policy in terms and all through the platform.

Note: Kindly visit our Privacy Policy Page periodically to check for any updates or changes, as we do make vital changes when required without any prior notices to individuals or entities.

  1. Vital Information & Background details
    1. Application of this Policy:

This policy is applicable to all individuals who access the platform of Crystal Clear Pro to avail services or otherwise professional & on-demand services, to avoid any further confusion or doubts, the end user that uses our platform will be referred to as “You” in this policy.

By using our platform “You” consent to collecting, processing, storing, using, distributing and disclosing of your personal data as mentioned by us in this policy.

    1. Updates & Reviews:

As mentioned in this policy it is subject to change quite often due to certain reviews both internal and external factors that impact the regularities of the business. You are requested to update us if there are any changes in your personal data from the date you have actually furnished it to us, until then we will not be able to change or update your information. We strongly recommend that you visit our policy pages regularly to be updated with the changes made.

    1. Third-Party Services:

Our Platform may include the links and connects to third-party websites, plug-ins, services and applications and they are clearly known as “Third-Party Services”. If you either click on those links or formally enable those Third-Party websites to collect your personal information which is not endorsed by us you will be responsible for sharing your personal data with the Third-Party services. We strongly recommend that you read the privacy policy statements of the third-party websites too.

  1. Collection of Personal Data and its Purposes:

All types of personal data are collected by us from you which includes and it is not limited to…

    1. Contact Information or Data, comprises of your Phone number, email address, location and alternate contact numbers
    2. ID and Profile information or Data, comprises of Name, User Name, or similar Id’s from Government ID’s, gender and photographs.
    3. Marketing Information and Communication Data, comprises of information posted during service requests like name, user name, phone numbers, email id’s location, different address, offers, necessities, feedback, comments, pictures of services either before & after images, chat bots, contact boxes, landing pages, blog post responses, surveys & polls, preferences consented to receive marketing communications from us like newsletters, promos, gift coupons, referral bonuses, communication consent to third party vendors, and all types of marketing communication preferences. All communication with the vendors will also be collected and recorded by us at the time of service initiation.
    4. Technical Information or Data, comprises of browser type, ISP – Internet service provider, details of the OS – Operating System, IP Address, Record time of access, page views, navigation, device ID & type. When you access the platform we record the frequency of visits of our website or application platform, activities, clicks, date, time and other technology related information.
    5. Transaction Data, comprises of details of On-demand services or professional services you have used and we have fulfilled, a RBI regulatory bound portion of your credit or debit card or banking information or UPI id’s is collected for completing and tracking transactions that are provided to us by you to process payments for the services.
    6. Usage of Data Collected, involves information on how you use the on-demand services or professional services availed on the platform. It includes your activity on the portal app or the web like login info, booking info, booking history, feedback info, feedback history, recommendations, user taps, click through the portal, navigation through the website, the amount of time spent on the platform, user interests, behavior and the entire journey through our platform both the app and website. This monitoring and analysis helps us bring valuable services at your doorstep useful to you by the best of providers.
    7. We also use such collected data to be shared with relevant businesses that would be interested to offer services to you time to time. All data directly or indirectly identifying you as the consumer is used according to law and according to our privacy policy to benefit the buying persona and benefits of the consumer.
  1. Methods used by us to Collect Data:
    1. Digitally and technologically when you visit our platforms such as the app or the website we use cookies to collect your browsing actions and patterns, based on which the pixel tags, server logs, web beacons, cookies and similar technologies act as a data collection method.
    2. We also collect data through direct interactions with consumers which includes personal data provided by you while creating an account with us, info given by you while availing professional services, entering in to online polls, ads, feedback forms, email activities and other similar methods.
    3. Some direct contacts that you make to us through our contact forms online, feedback forms, marketing forms and recommendation forms too.
    4. Technically we also collect data using third party vendors such as buying data from reliable sources or similar online portals where you have intended to get information from other online sources, we use social media platforms to run adverts to collect your data, we use search engines to collect information via reliably offering our services and we always look out for reliable affiliates and other sources where you have intended to find online services.
  2. Common Parameters used by us to use your Personal Data

Only if by law we are allowed to use your personal data we use, other than that we use your personal data only when we have your consent. How do we use your personal data is what we have defined below.

    1. When you register with us online or when you create an account to avail our professional or on-demand services we verify your identity and safeguard it to use it for your benefit and to intimate you on your services.
    2. When we provide our services to you
    3. When you submit feedback both positive and negative we give it a professional examination and use it to enable or better our services, platform and ensure you have a seamless experience online with us
    4. To better enable and provide quality services to you
    5. To track your performances, browsing experience and persona to serve you better
    6. To offer personalized experience using the information provided by you
    7. To offer assistance when services are booked and carried on.
    8. To address grievances and short comings faced by you while services are ongoing or after service help
    9. To ensure professional customer service and customer friendly responses at times you are in need of such help
    10. To track your services and also the timely completion of such services
    11. To track your payments and assist you in times even technology can give some hiccups.
    12. To send updates pertaining to services, change in services, and change in vendors, new services and send regular updates regarding the company or service information.
    13. To comply with legal guidelines by law and the RBI (Reserve bank of India)
    14. To advertise and market our services to you
    15. To improve our business, understand performances in the market, to address technical glitches and offer seamless services to you
    16. To carry out our promises and obligations that has been made out of the arrangements we have agreed to while offering our services
    17. To readily reciprocate to court orders, issues arising due to legal implications, to exercise our legal rights and defend ourselves from any legal claims.
    18. By registering with us and creating an account with us on our app or on our website you legally authorize us, our service professionals, associate partners, vendors and affiliates to contact you via email, phone, online or otherwise to offer services to you and also understand that you are well aware of what we offer and the best services you can take advantage of.
    19. By registering with us or supplying your personal information to us, you legally authorize us share your information or data to any third party without a separate of specialized consent as this will be accepted as a consent from your end once you sign up with us. Though we are legally securing the transfer of your data to any third party in good will we will not be responsible for your transactions with such third parties as they are different entities and you would need to make your decision by going through their terms and conditions, privacy policy and refund policy for your good will.
  1. Cookies Collected
    1. Generally Cookies are small files transferred to your hard drive by the service provider with your permission and consent through your web browser and the cookies are responsible to capture your browsing information and help you to get back to us without a need to remember it from your end It helps us to help you save information like passwords, user id’s and other repetitive information to help you navigate quite fast and with ease.
    2. Third party cookies are not controlled by us, you may encounter third party cookies on certain pages on our site or platforms, you can control it if you know when they ask you for a separate consent it is solely your discretion to allow them or not.
    3. Third parties do help us to understand how you are interacting with us their analytics are used by us only to help you or serve you better, those third parties cannot use your information with our consent however if they have a consent from you then that is not in our control.
  2. Personal Data disclosure:

For all the following reasons we may share your data with third party

    1. We firstly share your information with our service professionals, vendors who provide you services which are organized by us and monitored by us.
    2. We can share it with companies within our group of companies that come under the banner of Crystal Clear Pro
    3. We have a set of trusted third party vendors to whom we share your data to simply begin with domain partners, hosting partners, structuring and designing partners, software partners, marketing partners, social media partners, content creators, content analyzers, payment processors, financial partners and third parties that help us to get in touch with you through online or otherwise.
    4. We share your data to analytic service providers who help us to analyze your data, your online behavior, to understand your network and conduct web analysis or app analysis to help us get closer to you to enhance our provision of reliable services to you.
    5. We share your data to any legal body or regulatory bodies if the need arises
    6. We strictly instruct our third party vendors to use your personal data only for analysis purposes for the benefit of our business with you, we don’t encourage them or authorize them to use your personal data for their personal business.


  1. Rights towards your Personal Data:

Here below are your personal rights towards your personal data:

    1. Input, Access and update your personal data: When you register or sign up you self-declare that all the above information provided by you at that time and any point and time is accurate, true and up to date. We take utmost care to ensure all data updated is safe, accurate the way it was provided by you. For any information on your personal data please email us at [email protected] and we take a minimum of 6 business days to respond to such emails however if it any urgent you can mark it as urgent and it’s up to the sole discretion of our company to honor the same after making their research on the need.
    2. Opt-Out at the time of Marketing Requests: When it comes to sending you marketing information which by all means is to promote our product and services we ensure to provide you with an option to opt-out or unsubscribe, if you understand and acknowledge that you don’t need such correspondences from us you can choose to opt-out and from that day we take close to 8 to 10 business days to ensure that our data is updated and you stop receiving promotional or marketing information. You may however from time to time receive information from our team on any services you opted for or you will receive informational content via blog posts to help you understand any current happenings or trends in the market.
  1. Personal Account deletion:
    1. You are the boss when it comes to using our services or withdrawing from our services you can get your account deleted from Crystal Clear Pro by sending us an email to [email protected] and we may take anywhere between 8 to 10 business days to update our data base and intimate you on the same.
  2. Transfer and storage of Personal Data:
    1. When it comes to storing your personal data we comply with the laws of the country we are operating business from, however from time to time your data can be stored or transferred to servers located in countries that you are not located in. Sometimes it may be that some of vendors, affiliates or service providers are from a country different from your location. By registering with us you give us permission to conduct such transfers and storage of your personal information.
  3. Personal Data Security:
    1. We ensure that all security and privacy measures are in place to protect your personal data complying by the laws of the country of business.
    2. We ensure masking of information at the right places on our platforms and sites of operations
    3. We do not ask you for personal information over the phone especially banking details or OTP’s when it comes to financial transactions.
    4. We time to time send you information updating and educating you on data security.
  4. Your Personal Data Retention:
    1. By law we hold the right to retain your data after deletion from our data for availing services however we have the discretion to use the data for research and development and further to suit the purposes best suited for our business and we retain the data with no further notice or information.
  5.  Business Acquisitions or Mergers
    1. At any given point and time if we decide to go on for business acquisitions, or mergers or being acquired we hold the right to transfer your data to the merged or acquired business if need be.
  6. Participation in our business :
    1. At Crystal Clear Pro we invite you to share your content with us at any time in the form of feedback, suggestions, and complaints for improvements, pictures and videos of what you have captured at the time of services. By posting such information you must be aware that all that information becomes public and we cannot guarantee any data protection of the information. You should be aware of the information that you are going to post and that it should not be in violation on any law or hurt any people or their sentiments. You will be responsible for the content posted by you.
  7. Privacy Policy Updates:
    1. Please be informed that you are solely responsible to return to the Privacy Policy Page time to time and check for any updates made by us. When we make updates we don’t update in any form or otherwise. You can return to this page to go through the necessary information.
  8. Grievance Desk and Officer In charge:
    1. We have a grievance desk for you to send us any grievances faced by you during your interaction with us or any of our associates. We will address every grievance diligently with utmost care. If you want information about your data, or have any complaints regarding the platform, website or you want to give us feedback on our services please feel free to write an email to the Grievances Officer.

Grievance Officer

Mr. Dharanidharan

Designation – Business Development Director

Email – [email protected]