Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions laid down by “Crystal Clear Pro” in accordance to the law for the smooth functioning of services provided is highly recommended that both consumers and vendors read it thoroughly and regularly.

The Terms and Conditions outlined in accordance to the usage of the services you use and the provision of services by us to you in the form of website and app also known as our “Platform”.

The terms and conditions also include the privacy policy of Crystal Clear Pro which can be found at www.crystalclearpro.in/privacypolicy

The Terms and Conditions is considered as a contract that binds Crystal Clear Pro and its Vendors or Affiliates also known as (We, CCP, Our or Us) and you the user of our services or any legal entity who books the On-demand home services in the place of a registered customer. The end user whomsoever has legally engaged in the booking of services directly or indirectly binds him or the entity he or she represents and binds them to the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Ownership:

Crystal Clear Pro, www.crystalclearpro.in and the app is owned by Crystal Clear Pro which is a registered company according to the MSME by law and has its registered office in 5-54, 2nd Floor, Rajendra Prasad St, opposite St. Theresa Girls Higher Secondary School Cantonment, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043

  1. Services offered:

Crystal Clear Pro offers all its services via its website – www.crystalclearpro.in and the mobile apps available on Google Playstore and iOS stores to download. The services are offered in both B2B and B2C platforms through a browser, PC, app or any other electronic device.

Crystal Clear Pro offers Services particularly known as “On-demand home services” to you through registered vendors on the B2B Platform. The term “Services” doesn’t mean or doesn’t include the “On-demand Services” and Crystal Clear Pro will not be responsible for their provision however the third-party vendors on the portal are legally liable for the services provided to consumers and Crystal Clear Pro will act as a platform facilitating connecting the consumers to the vendors which will be done with utmost professionalism and perfect supervision.

The On-Demand Platform is created and maintained by Crystal Clear Pro which is only for personal use and it is not for commercial use unless agreed upon with CCP in a completely different agreement. This platform can be used only in India for On-Demand home Services. If you have to use our services in another country or jurisdiction then you have to ensure that you agree to the terms and conditions pertaining to that jurisdiction and also check the availability of our services and On-Demand home services in that jurisdiction too.

  1. Creating Account:
    1. A consumer who wants to avail On-demand home services must create an account with Crystal Clear Pro on our website or using our app. To create an account on our platform some basic personal details will be collected and will be verified by Crystal Clear Pro to ensure that the information provided is valid and true. And the consumer who is creating an account with Crystal Clear Pro must be above 18 years of age according to law.
    2. Once you create an account it is your responsibility to maintain the account, its security and ensure that you don’t share any of your personal or confidential information with anyone.
    3. Crystal Clear Pro does not employ any of the vendors, professionals or affiliates under their company. Crystal Clear Pro does not owns the brands that offer on-demand home services however the platform is what is provided by Crystal Clear Pro to facilitate the availability of services on time at the time of demand.
    4. A vital part of Crystal Clear Pro’s service is to send SMS, Whatsapp messages or emails which will include messages of intimation about the services booked, services utilized, information about or during services, changes in time of services and or even promotions and offers available for consumers. If consumers wish to avoid receiving messages they can send an email to [email protected] however this can affect their registration with Crystal Clear Pro.
    5. Some services availed by you may require submission of identity proof so that we will be able to process it on time, you will need to co-operate at that time failing to which we may not be able to offer the services.
    6. Even if some other person books any services on your behalf using your account or carries out any transactions using your account with or without your knowledge you will be held responsible for sharing your account details with a third person.
    7. If there is any identity theft you can send an email to us, call us and also change your password.
    8. We recommend that you change your password from time to time to keep your account safe and secure.
    9. You can use the forgot password link to change your password in case you forget your password.


  1. Crystal Clear Credits or Commissions:
  1. It is at the discretion of Crystal Clear Pro to offer promotional credits or codes, offer credits that can be redeemed for services and other features or benefits related to the services or the on-demand home services offered.
  2. You must agree to use the credits received by you in a lawful manner, under no circumstances the credits can be considered as money or can be exchanged for money at any given point and time. You cannot transfer, pass on or give the credits you own to any other person or third party. All credits from Crystal Clear Pro have an expiry date and have to be used before it commences.
  3. It is up to Crystal Clear Pro to measure the amount of credits its wants to offer to who avails the service and to who provides the On-demand home services.
  4. If the credits received are used by anyone illegally or in violation to the terms of Crystal Clear Pro then with no prior intimation the credits will be cancelled and Crystal Clear Pro holds all the rights to do so.


  1. User Interactive Content:
    1. To use our platform effectively we have made provisions for both customers and vendors to provide us with interactive content. The user interactive content is available only to registered users no one can provide such content as a guest. The user interactive content can be uploading of pictures, reviews on services, posts on blogs and comments sections which will be displayed for others to view and make their research.
    2. From time to time Crystal Clear Pro may request you for feedback, reviews and pictures on services that you utilized and you may also understand that we will request the same feedback and reviews from vendors on you as a consumer.
    3. Under no circumstances you nor vendors are allowed to furnish false reviews, fake comments, misleading interactive or non-interactive content, and abusive content against each other and deceive other users.  If such a scenario comes up it is up to the discretion of the company to take action or even cancel or deactivate your account with us.
    4. For your information Crystal Clear Pro holds all the rights to allow you to continue on the platform or just cancel your account and remove you from the platform whoever it may be consumer or the vendor and the company is not liable to give an explanation for such actions taken.


  1. Consent to use Personal Data:
    1. Under the terms and conditions you clearly understand and provide consent to Crystal Clear Pro that your personal data can be used by the company for advertising, promotional and other purposes that prove beneficial to the company.
    2. Crystal Clear Pro may be asked to provide your personal information to the government body for any vital investigation and in such cases the company will abide by the law and provide them all the information required.


  1. Appointments and Bookings:
    1. Our Platform offers you the luxury to create appointments or book orders with our vendors & partners who provide On-Demand Home Services through which you could block the dates you want to avail the services, you can block the timeslots from the mobile app or our websites. In any given circumstance if you we don’t find a suitable partner or vendor to carry out the service we will get in touch with you directly and try to reschedule to appointment to another convenient date and time where we could fetch a partner or a vendor.
    2. Confirmation of the bookings will be sent to you via SMS, Whatsapp, Email and even Push notifications via the app on your mobile. At that point and time you have to make the required payment for the service you have chosen. Once you make a payment you will receive a payment confirmation to your SMS, Whatsapp, email and Push Notifications or any one of the following means.
    3. Bookings can be cancelled if you happen to change your mind, or whatever be the reason however if the cancellation is done before making the payment confirmation then there is no binding rules or terms and conditions however if there is a payment made, timeslot booked and then the cancellation is made at that time Crystal Clear Pro’s Cancellation Policy will come into effect. For more details on the cancellation policy just read below.
    4. In cases or circumstances where the service booked by you has been cancelled by the service technician or our partner then we would act upon your case professionally and find another registered partner who can carry out the same service for you. We will make sure you will receive your services on time.
  2. Charges, Fees, Service Charges, Pricing & Payment Terms:
    1. Crystal Clear Pro holds the rights to determine the pricing for the services you may use, at any given point and time the prices can be changed depending on the market trend and current competition in the market. We ensure you get the best possible pricing in the market and make the maximum use of our services.
    2. All services used by you or availed by you are chargeable by Crystal Clear Pro who will bill you for the services however if you receive any compliments or freebies or coupons you can use the same to avail the benefits.
    3. The charges that you see on the bill will be clearly described in detail as to what you are paying for not limiting it to payment for the services you avail through our platform app or website for the service professionals and the services they offer.
    4. You will be billed for any additional services you may avail or want the service professional to offer you at the time of service.
    5. You may have to pay for expenses arising out of buying utilities, goods or parts required for the service to be performed at your place of service which we term as “Charges”
    6. You will have to pay convenience charges to Crystal Clear Pro for arranging the service through the platform, the app or the website.
    7. The payments transferred to the service professionals is called “Fees”
    8. You agree to pay the final bill received which will have a clear description of all the charges mentioned. If you have any disputes or clarifications on the bills we expect you to write to [email protected] you can pay the bill and also get any reimbursements if there was a mistake in the form of cash back or cash vouchers.
    9. We may from time to time change or update our mode of payments method and adhere to it strictly. For instance the cash on service completion may be available and may not be available all the time or for any particular type of service but other modes may be available which can be used by you. However for payment on completion of services method all charges and fees shall be collected after the service and you acknowledge to pay it in full without any dispute.
    10. When you receive a bill it will be inclusive of all taxes, fees and charges there will not be any additional amount to paid however if there is any amount to be paid it may be for any additional services that may be used by you.
    11. It is up to your discretion to pay tips or any money as an incentive to the service provider or the service personnel out of good will.
    12. We may use a third party payment processor to issue bills on our behalf and collect payment online at that time you will be subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the payment processor in addition to our terms. If any error arises on the payment processor we will not be responsible for the same and if there is any money collected in error from the payment processor it will credited to your account back and for that transaction you will be liable to the terms and conditions of the payment processor and not with us.
    13. You have all the rights to cancel the request you have raised with the service provider at any time even before the service professional arrives and in such cases you will entitled to pay a cancellation fee as per our cancellation policy. Crystal Clear Pro holds the right to charge you taxes and other charges on the cancellation fee as per the cancellation policy.
    14. Subscriptions may be offered by Crystal Clear Pro to you as a monetary reach or benefit to you when you avail On-Demand Home Services. The Subscription Packages may have different names and carry different offers that can benefit the consumers; however those offers and services will be subject to additional terms & conditions attached to the particular service or subscription which will be deemed to the terms and conditions.
  3. Customer Behavior and Conduct:
    1. Treatment towards the Service Professionals – Crystal Clear Pro condemns and prohibits any type of discrimination towards service professional not limited to and including on the basis of religion, caste, race, color, creed, national, state, origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, sex, marital status, money, rich or poor bias or any characteristics that may be protected under the law applicable. Such discriminations can lead to refusal of offering On-Demand Home Services and not limited to punishable actions based on the extent of the effect on the individual or the organization.
    2. All service professionals should be treated equally and you should treat them courteously and with respect. We request that you provide our service professionals a conducive, clean safe and appropriate environment to perform the On-Demand Home Services. We have every right and our service professionals have the right to withdraw from offering services under circumstances not limited to offering a conducive place to perform their work, or otherwise treating them with them with disrespect, abusive, discourteous or in any ill-mannered way. All such discriminations are considered unlawful which can lead to abruptly cancelling your participation with Crystal Clear Pro and in severe cases action by law can be taken.
    3. You should ensure that if you have received such an discourteous, disrespectful, demeaning, intentional abusive acts, inappropriate behavior and any unlawful acts by the service professionals to bring to our notice via email at [email protected] within 48 hours.
  4. Third Party Services on the platform
  1. Our Platform may provide provision to vendors, professionals who offer their services, content, documents, advertisements, offers and service related information however not restricted to their service alone owned by them and licensed by them and they are called “Third Party Services” and will or may contain links to their services too. You acknowledge and are clearly in the understanding that these third parties are in sole responsibility of third party made or provided services and information and you are using such services solely at your risk and discretion.
  2. Crystal Clear Pro makes no representations and doesn’t include any third party warranties, guarantees and liabilities arising out of their offerings of services or products including their neatness, preparedness, finesse and completeness.


  1. Third Party Responsibilities
    1. Third Party should ensure that all information provided to the consumer should be in best interest of providing service with utmost customer service. The consumers will be bound by the terms and conditions and your terms if any.
    2. If there are any changes in the timings or dates in providing the services the third party is responsible to update or intimate the consumer well in advance and in case of not doing so the third party vendor agrees that they will take full responsibility in rescheduling the service, refunding or discounting for the service or handle any discrepancies that arise out of the issue and both the third party and the consumer should understand Crystal Clear Pro will not be responsible for such mishaps.
    3. You shall not influence the consumer or force the customer to make payments that is not under the service and pricing policy nor force the customer to make payments via cash or UPI unless it is in the interest of the customer to do so. However it is up to the customer to make such decisions on their own.
    4. Consumer is responsible for all the data that they provide at the time if Sign up and it is the due responsibility of the third party to confirm the location of service before setting out to provide the service. Crystal Clear Pro will not be responsible for the situations that arise due to the mishaps created by the consumer or the negligence of the third party service provider.
  2. Consumers should ensure that their content should not contain any malware, corrupted or harmful data or any disruptive content that will affect the technical functionality
    1. Consumer should ensure that their content doesn’t contain any social, physical or commercial abusive information that is punishable under law.
    2. You shall not engage in any type of activities that hinders, replicates or disrupts our services.
  3. All rights, licenses, names, services and intellectual property belongs to and is owned by Crystal Clear Pro. Any infringement, or attempt to copy or copying will lead to action by law.
  4. We encourage you to submit your feedback or reviews pertaining to the services, the third parties, any other feedback in terms of app or website performances, bugs, report errors, erroneous billing or charges, from time to time.  All feedback received from you is our property and it belongs to us we will use the feedback to improvise our services, understand our customers and we may also use it without permission to be published publically to without any consent from the sender and also without any payment or royalty to the sender.
  5. We may restrict, terminate your account at any point and time without any prior information. We are not obligated to an explanation if we terminate your account.
  6. At any given point and time, due to any particular reason and not restricted to any particular reason our liability towards the consumer if any will not exceed the permitted amount based on the service and the commission we receive and the said amount that should not be exceeded will be Rs. 10,000/-
  7. The terms & conditions are governed by the Indian Law. And all disputes will be handled at the courts in Chennai only.
  8. Our terms and conditions are subject to change and it can change as many times as possible. It is consumer’s duty to visit the site back very often and update knowledge and information necessary to them.
  9. All legal notices to be sent to us via [email protected] and in the physical mail in writing too.
  10. No third party will be able to or take consent in owning the business.
  11. Force Majeure: Crystal Clear Pro will not be held responsible for not carrying out its services by law due to calamities not limited to strikes, failures, heavy rains, act of god, technical problems, civil or social commotions.